Welcome Tikeila J. Rucker to The Badass Teachers Association Board of Directors!

The Board of Directors of The Badass Teachers Association would like to welcome Tennessee educator Tikeila J. Rucker to our leadership team.

Tikeila will act as the Co-Director of BATs Action Team with Tina Alcaraz-Andres. “We are honored and excited to have Tikeila on our team. She is a strong advocate for children, parents, and educators. Her voice is a valued addition to the BATs mission and organization.” ~Marla Kilfoyle, Executive Director, The Badass Teachers Association. “We are so excited to have Tikeila join us! Her work with the union in Tennessee will set a high standard for all of our members and help us to face a possible blow to the unions that we may see from the final ruling on Janus.” ~ Melissa Tomlinson, Asst. Executive Director, The Badass Teachers Association. “Becoming a member of the BAT Board of Directors as the Co-Director of Action is a high honor and I am very appreciative. I’m super stoked to be a certified Badass! I will wear the Badge of Badassery with pride and I hope to make the team proud.”~Tikeila J. Rucker, Co-Director Action Team, The Badass Teachers Association. We welcome Tikeila to our team and look forward to our ongoing commitment to educators, children, and our communities! Respectfully, The BAT Board of Directors: Wilma de Soto, Sergio Flores, Dr. Denisha Jones, Gus Morales, Priscilla Sanstead. BAT Executive Directors: Marla Kilfoyle and Melissa Tomlinson BAT Steering Committee Directors/Co-Directors: Becca Ritchie (NEA BAT Caucus), Jamy Brice-Hyde (BAT Quality of Work Life); Kathleen Hagans-Jeskey & Michelle Murphy-Ramey (BATs State Administrators); Terry Kalb & Lorri Gumanow (BATs Special Education); Dr. Michael Flanagan & Steven Singer (BATs Blogging & Research); Lee Ann Pepper-Nolan, Roberta Reid, and Tina Alcaraz-Andres (BATs Action and Social Justice Teams); Nancy Osborne, Sue Goncarovs, and Kathie Wing-Larsyn (BATs Meme Team); Nikk Enser (BAT Member Engagement).


Pledge to Protect Childhood!

How do we protect childhood? BAT Board member Dr. Denisha Jones asks us to join her in a pledge to reaffirm the work that we do and pledge to defend childhood. You can sign the pledge at https://actionnetwork.org/forms/i-pledge-to-protect-childhood

You can read Dr. Jones’ post about how to do this on her blog for Defending the Early Years https://www.deyproject.org/denishas-blog/this-is-how-your-protect-childhood