Another philanthropist ignores the real reasons children do not succeed in school

Join BATs in telling Laurene Powell Jobs to donate her $100 million to public schools in need of equitable funding.

Tell her that Eduvulturephilanthropy does not work!

On 9/8 Laurene Powell Jobs will be launching the XQ #RethinkingHighSchool initiative. You can read more about it here http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2016/10/laurene-powell-jobss-mission-to-disrupt-high-school.html

To say that teachers, students, parents, and communities are tired of eduvulturephilanthropy is an understatement. Billionaires have used their billions to destroy public education, demonize the teaching profession, close schools, strip local control of schools from communities, ignore poverty and inequitable funding, and dictate what they think should be done for public education.

Why doesn’t Laurene Powell Jobs ask Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, and Oakland what they want in their schools? Why is she dictating, with her billions, how schools should look?

Join BATs on 9/8 as we take to social media to educate another billionaire who thinks it is OK to dictate to communities how their schools should look INSTEAD of asking them what they want.

First support our Thunderclap here with your Twitter or Facebook page https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/61433-imagine-students-in-a-school

Then join us on twitter from 8-9 PM EST – here are some tweets you can tweet out https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qMHaza0CFKJZ3aSM3bjCj3RE-MIeuypVhVZ_q6gDwYQ/edit?usp=sharing