Priscilla Sanstead
BAT Co-Founder, is an education activist currently living with her family in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is a graduate of Florida State University and holds an MBA/Marketing from the University of West Florida. Priscilla has experiences with a wide number of educational choices through her grown daughter. She was an active volunteer in schools – Montessori, Public Charter (1999 – 2000, before corporate deform), Public, Private, and Progressive – then transitioned to homeschooling through a CA state charter, and finally to unschooling with her autodidact daughter. A big advocate for libraries, she has run many school and public book sales. She assembled, funded, and operated a Florida public charter school library (1999 – 2001) and volunteered full-time for a private school library for a year. A volunteer nature guide for 6 years, she managed the volunteer group and led hundreds of school tours. She taught remedial math at a private college for a year, and became a vocal advocate for changes in math as well as reading education.



Marla Kilfoyle
NBCT, began her adventure into the Badass Teacher Association by way of being a parent advocate on Long Island in such groups as Parents and Teachers Against Common Core and LI Opt-Out. Marla has been a teacher in the Social Studies Department at Oceanside High School (NY) for 27 years. In addition, Marla coached the Oceanside Girl’s Track and Field team for 15 years and runs her district’s social science program.

Marla is the mother of a 10-year-old son and wife of Allen, a retired NYPD Detective. She continues her work as a parent advocate in LI Opt-Out as a member of their leadership team.

Melissa Tomlinson (Love Light)
A teacher of students with special needs at the middle school level, realized that she was not alone in questioning the role of standardized testing in schools when she found the Badass Teachers Association. She was first pushed into the spotlight of fighting the methods of corporate educational reform when she faced Governor Chris Christie to ask about his public degradation of NJ Schools when they were rated one of the top three in the nation. Along with teaching and advocacy, Melissa runs the after school program in her school building, providing a place for students to receive extra educational assistance, exposure to career possibilities, and a safe place to be after school hours.

Melissa is the mother of two teenage sons and she fights for equitable education for all students, now and in the future.

Site Administration:

Ej Savage Kelly

Server and web site administrator for several sites around the web he has been doing web and graphics design for 16+ years. He has been involved in activism for much of his life participating in such things as OWS, LGBT Movement, and of course the fight for a better education when he was introduced to BAT by Love Light in 2013.

EJ’s passions lay in technology and the arts. He has been working with the Adobe systems for many years as well as photography and music.
He is also an IT specialist. He is always willing to lend a helping hand so do not hesitate to ask if you see him around


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