Board of Directors

Priscilla Sanstead – Chair of The Board of Directors
Denisha Jones – Co-Chair of The Board of Directors
Wilma De Soto – Co-Chair of The Board of Directors
Gus Morales – Co-Chair of The Board of Directors
Terry Kalb – Co-Chair of The Board of Directors
Marla Kilfoyle – Executive Director/Director of Personnel
Melissa Tomlinson – Asst. Executive Director

Committee Directors

Sue Goncarovs and Kathie Wing Larsyn – Co-Directors of Meme Team*
Jamy Brice Hyde – Director Quality of Workplace Steering Committee*
Becca Ritchie – Director of Union Steering Committee
Michael Flanagan and Tina Andres -Co- Directors of Action Committee
Steven Singer – Director of Research/Blogging
Gus Morales – Director of Social Justice Steering Committee
Kathleen Hagans Jeskey- Director of State Administrators*
Anne Pritchett – Director of Legislation


Priscilla Sanstead and Michelle Murphy Ramey – Moderating Team
EJ Savage Kelly and Melissa Tomlinson – Website Administration
Kathie Wing Larsyn and Mary Dicker – Pinterest
Amy Wolpin and Marla Kilfoyle – Blog Administration
Marla Kilfoyle – Twitter
Deb Escobar, Katherine Brezler, Michelle Murphy Ramey – Fundraising Co-Directors


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