Thankful Reflections

batwordsToday, as we are reflecting upon a day of giving thanks that many of us were blessed to share with family and friends, BATs wanted to take a moment and also reflect upon what we, as an organization are thankful for. We are thankful for you, our members and our followers, and the simple fact that so many of us have found each other and joined together to unite against common enemies. We are all here, at this moment in time, for different reasons and with different visions of what our goals should look like. As we progress through these battles that face us, the organic nature of our struggles influences shifts in everyone’s perspectives that echo one sentiment, to build a better future for our children. This has always been known as the American Dream, a dream which many are convinced has died. We are here working to bring that dream back through equity and understanding of all children.

BATs have a lot of projects underway to help bring us closer to reaching our goals. Currently BATs are

Planning for the BATs Teachers Congress this summer where BATs will lobby lawmakers and hopefully participate in a meeting with the education committee to discuss our concerns as well as Democrats for Public Education.

Sending an open letter to Robert Kim the direct adviser to Duncan regarding Civil Rights violations we see in our schools. We have already been in direct contact with him.

Sending to Mike Yudin, Duncan’s adviser for Special Education, issues we see going on with our special needs children. We have already been in contact with him.

Planning how to establish a weekly radio program.

Establishing a method to researching legislation so that we can act on laws/policies before they are implemented and prepare us for The BAT Congress.

Getting ready to make an announcement regarding a small scholarship to be given to a student of color in the education program at Howard; with hopes of spreading this nationwide as we grow.

Working to prepare our HUGE NEA Caucus for the NEA convention this summer to be a major force in the NEA.

In communication to register as a caucus at the AFT Convention in 2016.

Writing often to publish in national news outlets as well as our blog that is close to 300,000 hits featuring great writing by BAT members.

Working with the Education Bloggers National Network – which houses some of the most prestigious bloggers in the nation.

Working closely with NPE for their upcoming conference in Chicago this April.

Working closely with SOS for their upcoming international summit in 2016 to address Human Rights concerns for children and their education. SOS will also be working with us on the Congress.

Being featured in a book due out next year called Grassroots Resistance to Corporate Education Reform.

Participating in a monthly spot on We Act Radio out of DC (thank you to Dr. Denisha Jones for representing BATs on that show).
As we look forward to the holiday season and the coming of a new year we are thankful that you have joined us on this journey as we strive to reestablish the foundations upon which our educational system was based, for all of our children and all of our communities.

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