It’s March and as the saying goes… “In like a lion – out like a lamb!

Well, Oakland certainly gave us a lion’s roar going in to March. The question is – are we ready to go out like a lamb! Badass Teachers say NO!

Although we are all pushing back and making gains, it is still evident that the fight against corporations is far from over.

Our focus this month will be diving into how corporations affect our lives, our students lives, and the lives of the families in our communities.

Focus #1 – Students, Families, & Communities – Access to affordable healthcare

Focus #2 – Racial & Social Justice in Schools – Gentrification and school closures

Focus #3 – Our Health & Wellness, Our Profession, Our Co-workers – Hands off our pension and benefits

Focus #4 – Education policy & Legislation – get corporations out of our schools
End high stakes testing
Say no to federal tax credits to expand school choice
End corporate tax breaks in our communities.

The obvious evidence of corporatization of public education manifests through corporate charter schools. Another easily evident means is through privatization of different services, paraprofessionals, food services, janitorial services and transportation.

Recently we saw the influence of corporate money in school board and state elections. We’ve recently crossed paths with the Wolf Pac and find the idea of taking money out of elections to be an interesting thought. https://www.wolf-pac.com/the_solution

Part of what is crippling our communities and our schools is healthcare. Everyone deserves access to affordable healthcare. Without it, our students suffer, our families suffer, and we suffer. Healthcare costs are debilitating in states where school boards are responsible for premium sharing. Rising premium costs are causing educators to see decreases in net pay. Rep. Pramila Jayapal has proposed the latest version of the Medicare for All legislation.


To get this legislation passed, we need to get as many federal representatives on board as possible. National Nurses United is leading the way in these efforts. https://medicare4all.org/

Then there are the more hidden ways that corporations influence the trend to destroy public education. Through attacks on pensions that we see rolling across the country to gentrification efforts that close our schools and siphon money away when they are tied to corporate tax breaks.

Of course, as spring begins, so does testing season. We cannot ignore the tool wielded by decision makers, tied to corporate profit, to label schools failing and justify school closures.

It is clear, who the enemy is.