BATs Self-Care Week (August 21-25)

As we all know teaching can be stressful. We know that some of us are back to school, and some will be returning soon, and BATs would like teachers to focus on Self-Care.

The BATs Quality of Work Life Team and AFT found out in May of 2015, with a massive survey of teacher workplace conditions, that teachers in America are facing higher levels of stress! You can read that report here https://www.aft.org/sites/default/files/worklifesurveyresults2015.pdf

We are asking each and every one of you this week to engage in acts of Self-Care and to promise to engage in Self-Care throughout the year. Remember in order to care for others you must care for yourself! Here is an easy one page list to think about from Annette Brunette, a licensed family therapist from Western Carolina University. https://www.wcu.edu/WebFiles/PDFs/CEAP-HS-BK_Self-CareForTeachers.pdf

In the comments below we would love for you to share ways in which you Self-Care throughout the year! Share so that others can feel the benefits of a successful Self-Care idea!


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