Privatization – The School to Prison Pipeline and Inequities in Education

We must come to terms with the fact that for People of Color, especially Black people, the Promise of Public Education was never realized. As we engage in this fight for Public Education and what it should be for all children, it is imperative that we are honest in our reflection and include the struggles that communities of color have faced in just trying to receive the most basic and fundamental education for their children.

Of all of the obstacles our students of color face, the School to Prison Pipeline (S2PP) may be the most harmful. Too many of our Black and Brown children are introduced to law enforcement at an early where there chances of success are diminished as a result.

In working towards a just society that provides a good education to all children, Journey for Justice (J4J), our partners in the #WeChoose coalition, had a press conference to release a report that emphasizes the inequities that majority Black and Brown schools face in comparison to majority white schools.

We are an organization committed to action and as such we ask that all BATs respond to this call and spread the message on the report authored by J4J as well as the dangers of the S2PP.

Share the report “Failing Brown v. Board of Ed: A Continuous Struggle Against Inequity in Public Education”: https://drive.google.com/…/0BwABMxjvCadzWjJLLU05UGxhZk…/view

Share this video from today’s #WeChoose coalition’s press conference where the Equity Assessment Report was released: https://www.facebook.com/J4JAlliance/videos/1001219793359995/

Email your STATE lawmaker and demand they fund public education equitably. BATs makes it easy with our Action Network Letter Campaign. Plug in your info, Action Network finds your state representative, click Send and DONE! https://actionnetwork.org/…/we-need-progressive-solutions-t…

How Can We Help Fight the School to Prison Pipeline?

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