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BATs Time to Put the Gauntlet Down and PICK UP THE PHONE
THIS WILL BE THE MOST IMPORTANT CALL YOU MAKE TOMORROW!!! We need to let our Reps. know that we demand they say NO to HR5 The Student Success Act. The four crucial issues are
1. Requires that states test all children in grades 3-8 and once in high school, even though no high performing nation tests all children every year
2. Makes Title I funds portable, which will decrease funding to the schools in greatest need, and opens the door for vouchers
3. Limits Title II funding to 10% for class size reduction
4. Increases funding for charter schools and encourages the growth and expansion of Charter Management Organizations (CMOs), which will advance the privatization movement
THEY VOTE ON FRIDAY!! Call your representative tomorrow and tell them to VOTE NO ON HR5!! Here is where you can find your rep.




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