The #WeChoose National Critical Conversation about education was held on 12/12 in Washington DC. It was hosted by Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry. It is a power packed three hours of truth about what is really happening in education across our country. BATs is a proud partner in the #WeChoose Coalition and one of our Board members Dr. Denisha Jones spoke on standardized testing at 2:19:19. Please watch and share this video on your social media outlets, with friends, and with family. We want the views to go through the roof. Time for OUR truth to get out in the open! https://www.facebook.com/J4JAlliance/videos/916976388451003/?hc_ref=ARSr5pE8OjACLgBJYNU1s5V2cW72K4ebmKgf5TYZ6HsJycnQe5RGX7dQaSnS52P7a_I