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We, the members of the Badass Teachers Association, reject profit-driven education reform.

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The Little Rock Nine.
The nine original black students attending Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas became a test of Brown vs. Board of Education in 1957.

Sixty-two years later and Little Rock is still centered in segregation issues!

The current plan to return partial control to the district will divide the district into three different categories, each with a different level of control. Of course, with this plan, comes less control to the schools found in more marginalized communities.

It's important that everyone in the area act! See below for information about actions and ways to get involved, including a candlelight vigil this Wednesday night.

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Here is some information for reference:
"The state trusts other districts around the state to use local control to meet that constitutional obligation, but they are not trusting the people of Little Rock to do that,"…/new-plan-little-rock-scho…

Poor neighborhoods (generally heavily black) would remain under control of a state Board of Education that has failed them miserably in five years as a supervisor.…/the-2019-little-rock-school-crisis-r…



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This is for every educator committed to the struggle for racial, social, and economic justice work. We refuse to be blamed for the failure of our society to erase poverty and inequality, and refuse to accept curriculum, assessments, tests, and evaluations imposed by those who have contempt for real teaching and learning. BATs will promote activism and pro-union work that actively fights against attempts to dismantle public education and for positive, collaborative and supportive work environments.

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Volunteer opportunities

Volunteer opportunities will be available soon. Stay tuned!