***Call to Action ***

Brett Kavanaugh could potentially cause a lot of harm to public education as well as what we feel to be in the best interest of the public as a whole.

We need to urge our Senate representatives to block #KavanaughScotus! Click here to send a quick email to your Senate representative!https://actionnetwork.org/letters/block-the-nomination-of-brett-kavanaugh

We need a justice that will: 
– Protect the walls between church and state
– Protect public schools and the public sector
– Protect unions and the middle class
– Protect health care
– Protect women’s’ right to choose
– Protect resources for students and educators
– Protect human rights and immigrant rights
– Protect the checks and balances of power between the three branches of government
– Protect Social Security
– Protect the environment

​Brett Kavanugh is clearly not the choice we need to fill the vacant seat in the Supreme Court.