AFT BAT Caucus


Article I – Title and Purpose

  • Section 1: The name of this organization shall be the American Federation of Teachers BAT Caucus (AFT BAT Caucus).

  • Section 2: The AFT BAT Caucus is established for the purpose of promoting Healthy Workplace, Healthy Schools for Children. In 2015 The Badass Teachers Association Quality of Workplace Team and The American Federation of Teachers teamed up to conduct a groundbreaking national survey of teachers and their workplace conditions. What the survey found was that teachers are not feeling respected, teachers are feeling an immense intrusion into their classrooms by lawmakers who have little knowledge about the practice of educating children, teachers want to be treated as professionals who CAN make decisions for the children in their care, and finally teachers demand a removal of humiliation as a form of control in our schools. The AFT BAT Caucus will adopt as its mission, “A Teachers work environment is a student’s learning environment.” Our focus will be to push healthy workplace environments for teachers and children through solid scientific research and to push for healthy workplace legislation for America’s teachers. Please go here to examine the AFT/BAT survey results.

Article II – Membership

  • Section 1: Categories of Membership & Voting Rights

  1. Active membership shall be open to all persons who are active members of the AFT, and its state and local affiliates, or life members of the AFT. Active membership has full voting rights

  2. Student membership shall be open to all student AFT members. Student membership has full voting

  3. rights

  4. Retired membership shall be open to all AFT-retired members. Retired membership has full voting rights

  5. Membership shall become effective upon payment of dues and membership term runs July 1 of convention year until the beginning of the following convention; NEA BAT Caucus membership dues are $10 a year.

  6. In order to vote in the current election, membership must be purchased prior to the end of convention business on the day before

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